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Jared Hernandez owner of vino gave succulent arrangements in boutique winery wine bottles carmel monterey big sur california

Our Team

Jared Hernandez | Owner/Operator/Bottle Crafter/Arrangement & Candle Maker/Head of Shipping/ Email Answerer/Everything Else

Vino Gave wants to encourage everyone to give gardening a try with a baby succulent. We simply use used wine bottles and cut them up and plant succulents for a unique stylish décor. From beginners to seasoned gardeners, we’re ready to help make your space greener. We offer different services from sending us your own special bottle that you want to turn into a succulent decoration, continuous purchases for your business whether it's decorations or resale, or succulent arrangements for a special event.

Vino Gave succulent arrangement in recycled wine bottle boutique winery monterey carmel big sur california

Hola! Me llamo Josias but everyone calls me by my middle name Jared! I have a passion for wine so when I discovered the wine industry it changed my life! Being in the industry for over 5 years, and passing my Sommelier Level 1 certification, I learned so much from the winemaking, training my palate, topography, to the business side of things.

In one of my ventures, working in a boutique winery in Carmel, I saw all of the bottles that were thrown away in the "recycling" bin and thought there has to be more that we can do.

My Dad is a gardener so my front yard is filled with plants and succulents! During the pandemic, I was outside and after cutting first bottle I wondered what to do with it. I Looked down and saw a succulent and thought, "This is it!"

And the rest is history!

Since 2020, I've been perfecting the art of succulent arrangements and bottle cutting to get the most professional bottle. Also trying new cuts for more unique looks and have incorporated different figurines from my travels and have now expanded to offering candles (by demand).

Vino Gave is a Team of 1 right now but looking forward to expanding my team when the time is right!

vino gave succulent arrangements in recycled wine bottle boutique winery figuring's monterey carmel big sur california

"La Hacienda"
Figuring's from San Miguel de Allende

vino gave succulent plant arrangements recycled wine bottles boutique winery monterey carmel big sur california
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