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Succulent Arrangements and Candles in Recycled Wine Bottles

Based in Monterey, California

At Vino Gave, we have a passion for plants and wine, so we figured "porque no los dos?" (Why not both?)


We create succulent arrangements in recycled / repurposed wine bottles to give them another chance to party. Woohoo! Featuring wine bottles from local boutique wineries in Monterey, Carmel and beyond. Vino Gave enjoys promoting small, boutique wineries to spread awareness about the Monterey Wine Region, and we enjoy a little of the wine ourselves too. Choose a succulent arrangement or candle featuring one of these beautiful labels or a custom Vino Gave design.

And guess what? 

We have fun making these succulent arrangements in wine bottles! It's relaxing, it's creative, it's therapeutic! And that's what I want to share with you! My goal is to pass on that fun experience to you. In your own home! I do the hard part of cutting your wine bottle and putting together your package so when you receive it, everything you need is in your DIY Kit and you can get to the fun part.

You can choose from a variety of hand-cut bottles featuring regular, slanted, horizontal, or window cut. Choose the design that fits your home / office or select one as a gift! Perfect for house-warmings, congratulatory gifts, or really any reason. You don't need us to tell you how to live your life. We don't judge.


Ultimately, our main goal is to use succulent arrangements and candles in recycled wine bottles to bring an elegant touch to your home. And you have a chance to say "Hey I made that arrangement!" Perfect for any occasion. Our team is more than happy to help with any questions, services, and more.

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